Blavity News to Sell Limited-Edition Shop Good Graphic Tees

Goodwill Southern California and Blavity News teamed up to sell a special, limited-edition graphic tee Shop Good collection, with all proceeds going to the Goodwill Southern California COVID-19 Jobs Accelerator Fund.

The collaboration was accompanied by an op-ed highlighting the barriers to work access during the pandemic.

“Before the pandemic unfolded, one in four Americans did not have access to the internet at home. Compare that to life during COVID-19 and you’ll see these discrepancies are only growing.

In Southern California, less than half of LA County residents still hold jobs and 71% of people report an inability to work from home. This of course, is related to your income level, your home environment, and the type of job you hold, on top of — you guessed it — whether or not you have an internet connection solid enough to perform your work duties from home…”

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