Goodwill Featured in Nonprofit Report from m/OppenheimTV

Learn about six individuals working to support Goodwill Southern California’s important mission, and be inspired by the stories of those whose lives are being transformed through the power of work, in this special two-part Nonprofit Report on m/OppenheimTV.

Part 1:

Jessica as a board member exemplified high level credence for our mission and our role as both action partners and thought leaders among stakeholders, in the greater Los Angeles business community. 

Patrick McClenahan established our history of service to the community and revealed our Superman-esque true identity as a Workforce Development—focused organization, fueled by our mild mannered social enterprise—and cash donations. 

Simon’s demonstrated expertise proved Goodwill’s relevance in the current economic milieu and positioned us well within the conversation concerning the future of work in Southern California. 

Part 2:

Jobs are what transforms lives. That’s what Part 2 is all about, which led off with Alex’s compelling story, humanizing the transformative experience our mission promises. 

Luis established or reestablished Goodwill’s thought leadership, with authority preaching advocacy and with humility thanking Alicia for the generous support of ARCO and folks like them, which gives him freedom in his strategic role to search for new best practices to implement—trial and error can be expensive, but we can only remain agile enough to adapt, as we learn more about how the post COVID-19 job scape will reintegrate, with meaningful support from the private sector. 

Alicia graciously shared the personal side of the corporate sponsorship experience from an “interlocutor’s” perspective. There was not a dry eye in the house when she exhorted any willing and able in the virtual audience to “Do Goodwill” and ARCO’s commitment to the Campaign. 

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