Kaiser Mask Assembly

PPE Update for COVID-19

From Riverside to San Bernardino to Los Angeles County, the past few weeks have been hard on our communities as we do our part to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. We continue to assert our place in the community by:

  • Providing assembly and fulfillment services for the innovative solution Protecting People Everywhere, an initiative powered by the HealthEquip™ app to identify and accelerate Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) to hospitals where it is most needed. The coalition of private and non-profit organizations working together to solve the issue key to virus containment includes the American Hospital Association, Kaiser Permanente, Kearney, Merit Solutions,  Microsoft, and UPS.
  • Working to assemble nearly 300,000 face shields for Kaiser Permanente (pictured). The PPE will be used in hospitals and other health systems across SoCal to protect doctors, nurses, and hospital staff against the COVID-19 virus.

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